Upcycled Bookshelf into a Tortoise-Run for the Backyard.

So… my turtle is growing… very quickly… and she needed somewhere to go other than her giant fish tank (she’s actually a Salcada Tortoise). So I decided to take an old bookcase that I had laying around, and layed it down on its front so that I could remove its backing. Once the backing was completely removed, we flipped it over on its back. Then I took 4 – 2×4’s and cut two of them down to the same size as the length of the bookcase (the length of the bookcase meaning from the left side TO the right side), then cut the remaining two 2×4’s down to the same size as the HEIGHT of the bookcase (so running from the top TO the bottom of the bookcase). Then I used my Kreg R3 Jig to connect all four 2×4’s together (making a rectangle). I then took some hinges and connected them from the LEFT SIDE of the front of the bookcase to one of the long 2×4’s (because at this point the bookcase was laying on its back and the rectangular of 2×4’s was sitting on top of it, perfectly covering it.) Then I added two handles to the RIGHT SIDE long 2×4. This way, you could “OPEN” it with the handles and the hinges would keep the two pieces connected.

Then, I added chicken wire to the top of the 2×4 Rectangle so that the birds couldn’t fly down and mess with her and the dogs would t be able to mess with her either. The reason I removed the backing and didn’t put anything back onto replace it was because the back of the bookcase now becomes the BOTTOM of the finished project and my plan was to leave it in the grass so that she could walk around in the grass.

I also added a latch on the end of it that could lock, if you wanted it to. Hope you like what I did! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out, I’d be more than happy to help! 😁