ATTENTION ALL FLIPPERS: I can’t be the ONLY one to have a VERY unorganized and crowded garage FULL of furniture, can I?!?! I’ve tried typing in “Furniture Flipper’s Organized Garage” in like a THOUSAND different wordings to see how people organized all their furniture and I can’t seem to find ANYTHING on it. I would LOVE it if you all could let me know how you organized each of your “workshops/garages” (include pictures if possible please!) It would be EXTREMELY helpful! Thanks so much!

Update: I thought that I would add some photos of my disgustingly crowded garage to show you all what I’m working with here. Lol. Ok, so here it is…

So before this morning, this gray plastic shelf was filled with paint. Everywhere.So I decided to take EVERYTHING out and organize them, instead of just throwing them in wherever. So that’s why there is paint sitting all over the top of the table and bar. There normally isn’t though..

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